The best shapewear: brand and fabric style recommendations


Top 10 shapewear brands:


Company introduction: Founded in 2000, Spanx is an American company founded by Sarah Blakeley. The brand is known for its innovative shapewear, which includes a variety of styles of shapewear, bodysuits and lingerie. Spanx products are designed to provide effortless, comfortable body shaping while focusing on stylish design.


Company introduction: SKIMS is a brand founded by social celebrity Kim Kardashian in 2019. SKIMS focuses on providing a variety of basic body shaping underwear, focusing on comfort and fashion. The brand’s product line includes shapewear, bras, onesies and more.


Company introduction: Founded in 1922, Maidenform is an American underwear company. The brand is known for its diverse range of shapewear, including shapewear pants, shapewear vests, and more. Maidenform focuses on providing wearing comfort and diverse design styles.


Company introduction: Miraclesuit is a brand specializing in body-shaping swimwear. Its products are praised for their unique design and body-shaping effects. The brand is committed to providing women with comfort and confidence in swimwear.


Company introduction: Yummie is a brand created in 2008 by founder Heather Thompson. Yummie’s product line includes a variety of shapewear, focusing on providing lightweight, comfortable body shaping effects suitable for daily wear.


Company introduction: Wolford is a luxury underwear and shapewear brand founded in 1950. Known for its high-quality materials and sophisticated designs, the Austrian brand’s products include a wide range of lingerie, socks and body shaping products.


Company introduction: Squeem is a Brazilian brand that focuses on providing body shaping belts and body shaping clips. The brand’s products are designed to sculpt the waist and give the wearer a slimming effect.


Company introduction: Leonisa is a Colombian underwear company founded in 1956. The brand offers a wide range of lingerie and body shaping products that focus on design and comfort and are designed to sculpt the female body.
DKNY (Donna Karan):
Company introduction: DKNY is an American fashion brand founded in 1984 by Donna Karan. DKNY’s body shaping underwear products combine fashion elements and body shaping effects, focusing on comfort and design.


Company introduction: Commando is an American brand that focuses on providing seamlessly designed underwear and body shaping products. Focused on comfort and invisible results, the brand’s product line includes a variety of shapewear, bras, and bodysuits.

What is the price range of these shapewear?

Note that of course this price is for your reference only! Some brands may offer product lines at different price levels to meet different budgets and needs.
Spanx: Price range: $30 – $150.
SKIMS: Price range: $20 – $100.
Maidenform: Price range: $20 – $60.
Miraclesuit: Price range: $40 – $150.
Yummie: Price range: $20 – $80.
Wolford: Price range: $50 – $300.
Squeem: Price range: $30 – $80.
Leonisa: Price range: $30 – $100.
DKNY (Donna Karan): Price range: $30 – $80.
Commando: Price range: $20 – $150.

The development of shapewear?

Late 19th century: The rise of restraint-style body-shaping garments

At the end of the 19th century, restraint-style body-shaping garments became popular, mainly used to change women’s body shapes and create the ideal curves of the era. These shapewear are usually made from sturdy materials like steel boning and tight bandages to achieve a tightening effect on the waist and bust.

Early 20th century: fashion and function
As times change, shapewear gradually integrates into fashion and becomes a part of women’s underwear. The early 20th century saw more designs focused on fashion and comfort, using new elastic materials such as elastane and elastic cotton.

Mid-20th century: introduction of spandex
In the mid-20th century, elastic fibers such as nylon and Lycra (Spandex) were introduced to make shapewear more comfortable and stretchy. During this period, the design of shapewear began to focus on full-body sculpture, rather than just focusing on the waist and chest.

1990s: The Creation of Spanx
In 1998, Sarah Blakely founded Spanx, which marked a revolution in shapewear. Spanx introduces a new design concept and uses thin, elastic materials to provide a more comfortable body shaping effect. The brand became a leader in the market, driving innovation in the shapewear industry.
Early 21st Century: Diverse Body Shaping Products
With the emphasis on health and body shape diversity, the design of shapewear has become more diverse. Brands began offering different styles for every body type and need, including full-body suits, shapewear pants, shapewear bras, and more.

Contemporary: Emphasis on comfort and style
Contemporary shapewear brands emphasize comfort and stylish design. Material selection is smarter, focusing on breathability, sweat resistance and softness. The brand also pays attention to the balance between body shaping effect and wearing comfort to meet the needs of consumers.
Technological innovation: smart body shaping garments

Shapewear of choice?

Choosing the right shapewear requires considering factors such as personal needs, body shape, wearing situation, and comfort. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing shapewear:

Determine needs: Different shapewear suits different needs. Do you want to sculpt your waist, lift your chest or smooth your body curves? Choose the right style based on your goals.
Consider your body shape: Different shapewear designs suit different body types. Make sure to choose shapewear that suits your body shape to ensure you achieve the desired results.
Choose the right size: Choosing the right size is crucial. Shapewear that is too large may not provide enough support, while shapewear that is too small may cause discomfort. Refer to the brand’s sizing chart to make sure you choose the right size for you.
Consider comfort: The comfort of your shapewear is crucial. Choose soft, breathable materials and make sure they don’t feel too tight or uncomfortable when worn.

Learn about the different types of shapewear:

Shaping Pants: Ideal for shaping hips, thighs and waist.
Body Shaping Jumpsuit: Provides a full body sculpting effect and is suitable for overall body shaping.
Shaping Bra: Used to lift and shape the breasts.
Belts and waist clips: Focus on sculpting the waist curve.
Consider the occasion: Different occasions may require different types of shapewear. For example, a more invisible design may be required for work, while a more versatile style may be available for special occasions.
Choose adjustable styles: Some shapewear have adjustable features, such as removable straps or adjustable buckles, that can be adjusted as needed.

Shaping garments have their own special functions, and comfort and beauty are their greatest values, especially when attending some important occasions.
The current body-shaping fabrics are mostly composed of nylon and spandex. The specific proportion depends on the specific style. Generally, it is 35% spandex and 65% nylon.
Fabric selection: Breathable and quick-drying

Shapewear production methods?

Stretch Fabric: Made of elastic fiber, such as Lycra (Spandex) or spandex (Elastane), blended with other fibers.
Seamless Construction: Using seamless weaving technology, it reduces the use of seams and threads, providing a smoother and invisible effect. Seamless design helps reduce friction and discomfort.
Compression Fabric: Uses a tightly woven material, such as nylon or polyester, to provide greater compression and shaping.
Mesh Fabric: By using an open hole or mesh design, the breathability of the shapewear is increased, making it more comfortable, especially in warm environments.
Knit Fabric: Uses knitting technology to create soft, stretchy fabrics. This weaving method is often used to produce shapewear with a higher level of comfort.


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