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Sun Protection fabric is engineered for cutting-edge performance and comfort, including our exclusive technology that accelerates moisture wicking for a cooler workout and helps keep the fabric fresh Soft, lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking and quick dry to keep you active all day.

Sun UV Protection

Sun Protection clothing with the newest UPF 50+ protective technology for effective UV protection,whick can block out over 98% of harmful UVA & UVB rays to offer you all-around UV protection. Say goodbye to sunburn & sunscreen!

Superior Cooling

The Sun Protection clothing is ice silk fabric, which helps to cool your skin for 2 hours after absorbing sweat or water. It is the exact provides you with the cooling and comfortable feeling throughout the whole hot days.

Durable & Easy To Clean

:Reusable and machine washable. Made from seamless microfiber polyester to provide lightweight durability, wrinkle resistance, stain resistance, as well as great stretch and flexibility while always retaining its shape.

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